What is the difference between quran, sharia, and hadith?

What is the difference between quran, sharia, and hadith?

The Qur-aan is the collection of the word of God, Allaah swt,  revealed literally to Prophet Muhammad (Allaah’s blesings and peace be upon him). It is the Book of Allaah’s guidance that explains Islamic beliefs, makes a rational case for those beliefs and gives major policies, principles and stipulations according to which a Muslim should live in this world in obedience to Allaah swt (the exalted and glorified). The Qur-aan is the only book in the world which contains the exact and pure word of God Himself.

While preaching and practising the Qur-aan and Islam, the Prophet interacted with his followers and explained and discussed things and approved or disapproved things. His followers reported those words and deeds of the Prophet; those reports are called Hadith or Hadeeth. The collections of Hadeeth are like the Bible, the OT and NT. People reported and wrote what they heard and observed from the prophets and messengers. The difference between the Bible and the Hadeeth is that the authors of the reports contained in the Bible are totally unknown people; while the reporters of the Hadeeth are all known people and the chains of the narrations have been established.

The word Shariah or Sharee’ah is used for the rules and regulations derived from or under the Qur-aan, with the help of Hadeeth. We can roughly consider the Qur-aan as the constitution and the Sharee’ah as the rules and regulations made under the constitution.

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I hope this clarifies the three terms.

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