6 Answers to Your Most Important Penis Questions

The following article addresses some of the most common questions that boys have about their penis and the answers.
Is Jon Hamm walking around like that on purpose? Basically, do guys know when they’re showing?

Maybe, and maybe not. It could be that in his particular case, he’s just wearing a very thin fabric. I’d say that if the guy is wearing pants so tight you can see the head of his penis, he probably knows. If your pants are so close to your skin that your penis can’t even move, you feel that. You’re aware. If he’s wearing some mesh shorts and he’s just letting it flop around while he walks down the street, he probably doesn’t know.
How long does it take to get an erection?It depends on the guy, the penis, and the situation. Erections can sneak up on us slowly or happen pretty immediately. Typically, if we’re hooking up, those erections will come on fast and strong. If we’re just hanging around watching TV, it could be a few minutes between the erection “starting” and us getting fully erect.
Do guys check out another guy’s junk while peeing at a urinal?

This answer will vary from guy to guy. Personally, I think it’s rude and invasive to look unless something is going on over there. If you see steam rising up from behind the other guy’s urinal partition or he’s screaming, then it’s OK to look. If he says, “Hey, look!” you’re also allowed to look, but you probably shouldn’t in that case. I can’t imagine you’re going to see anything that compelling when a man shouts, “Hey, look!” at you in a public bathroom. I’ve never personally been in a scenario where I saw a guy and thought, Well, I should try and see what his dick looks like. I guess to answer the question, some guys never look, some probably sneak a peek every so often, and other guys look all the time.

Can your penis actually feel a difference in vaginas?
Answers to Your Most Important Penis Questions

Like if someone made a cast of all your ex-girlfriend’s vaginas and had you try all of them, would you be able to differentiate which was which? Vaginas are more like hands in that regard. You could spend all day holding your girlfriend’s hand and you might still be hard-pressed to pick her hand out of 100 other hands. You could probably tell the difference between your girlfriend holding your hand and a jacked dude with an iron grip handshake, but you’re not going to be able to pick out some of the more subtle differences. Yes, all vaginas are different. But it’d take a very discerning penis to pass the Pepsi Challenge of vaginas.
Blow job with braces: Can you actually feel a difference or is everyone a liar?

I’m not sure about this question. Typically, the fear of a braces blow job is that if your teeth catch on the penis, it can really cut it up, which is a real fear. But other than that, the blow job shouldn’t be that different. It’s not like a blow job is supposed to involve the teeth, anyway.

Why are guys so proud of their dicks?

Because everything we do in life is about our penises. We wouldn’t bother working, making money, going outside, working out, or talking to people if it didn’t benefit our penises in some way. Everything. Especially this, right now. Kidding. Mostly.

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