‘Aynabaji’ to be remade in India

After winning the hearts of the nation and abroad, Amitabh Reza Chowdhury’s blockbuster film Aynabaji to be remade once again in India.

Recently, the director told India’s production house Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Picture bought the copyright of the film.

Amitabh Reza said few days ago India’s production company talked to us about the film. We can say about the cast and director of the film later.

Talking about in which language the film will be made, the debut director said, we did not talk about this issue. However, the film will be made in several Indian languages including Hindi.

Aynabaji stunned countless viewers in country and abroad. The film is now being made internationally. Amitabh said, ‘It is a matter of joy for us, there is no doubt. Now, we are waiting to watch how they make the film.’

The film’s producer and scriptwriter Gausul Alam Shaon said they will sign contract with Indian production firm very soon.

The crime thriller film Aynabaji stars Chanchal Chowdhury in lead role. Anchor Masuma Rahman Nabila also won the hearts of audience next to Chanchal. The film was released on 30 September. Following the tremendous success of the film, a TV series titled Aynabaji Orginal Series, based on the original film, came out this Eid-ul-Fitr.