Leo Messi trolls Pique

Brazil star Neymar is gone from Barcelona and they are now having to deal with Lionel Messi’s situation with rumours surfacing that Manchester City are preparing to pay the player’s buy-out clause.

Neymar left Barca in conspicuous circumstances and the club are now suing the Brazilian for a breach of contract. But, the Brazilian has friends in Barcelona who are close to him.

Lionel Messi posted a picture of the famous albeit now ‘broken’ MSN trio on his instagram – reunited.

The trio posed together for a picture, possibly at Messi’s house where they were sat on a couch. Messi showed a great sense of humour when he tagged Barcelona defender Gerard Pique with a message “Volvio @3gerardpique” meaning ‘He returned’.

The message was in response to Pique’s ‘Se Queda’ tweet where he insinuated that Neymar was staying at Barca – which later proved to be just a last ditch effort to get the Brazilian to stay.

Neymar took advantage of a day-off at PSG to revisit his old friends. He visited his Barcelona teammates along with Dani Alves and whatever ongoing problems Neymar has with Barcelona board is not reflected in his relationships with the players – who still adore him.

Later Pique and Neymar recreated their ‘Se Queda’ (He Stays) picture by posing for a picture together where they were both grinning. Neymar posted the picture on his instagram with the caption ‘Se Queda’.