16th December, great Victory Day of Bangladesh.

The 16th of December, the most joyous and glorious day in the thousand years of Bengali nation’s history 46 years ago on this day, the Bengali nation won the victory by defeating the barbarous Pakistani occupation army and their local collaborators peace committee, Razakars, Al-Badar, Al Shams Bahini, in exchange for a sea of blood on this day. The Bengali nation made the dream of its much desired independence in reality.

Through successive bloodshed, movements of Bangalee nation in 1952 for Bengali language, 6 Points movement of 1966, mass movement of 1969, the historic speech of Bangabandhu on 7th March of 1971, start of genocide by Pakistani army on 25 March 1971 — Bangladesh achieved her final victory after declaration of independence on 26th March, 1971 by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib and 9 month bloody liberation war.

On this day the winds of freedom blew across the land, across the villages and towns, with thousands of red-green flag containing the map of the golden Bangladesh.
Mukti Bahini -Indian forces – jointly freed the Dhaka – the capital of Bangladesh when General Niazi, the Chief of the barbaric Pakistan Army, led the unconditional surrender to joint force in Dhaka.

Joy Bangla, Joy Bangabandhu slogans were roared in the streets of Dhaka and Bangladesh.

We celebrate the day with much pomp but we also observe the day with heavy hearts knowing we paid a terrible price for the freedom successive generations take for granted today.

On the 47th Victory Day, we remember the Father of the Bangalee Nation Bangabandhu with gratitude and respect, also 3 million Bangali martyrs and hundreds of Indian soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the war of liberation and we got the red-green flag. We also remember those 200 thousand innocent mothers and sisters, who had been victimized by the lust and torture of Pakistani occupation forces and their collaborators, lost their dignity. We also recall the leaders, workers and common people and the great freedom fighters – who fought-organized-participated in all movements-struggles for our independence and sacrificed their lives, since 1952 to 1971,

We also pay homage and acknowledge the assistance we received from friendly foreign nations like India the former Soviet Union and many other countries and from their common people – for their unwavering support during our struggle period.

This year, the Victory Day celebration has reached a new height as the UNESCO on 30th October, 2017 recognised Bangabandhu’s historic March 7 speech as a world documentary heritage.

Our mission on this great Victory Day is to work hard and sincerely for poverty-free, hunger-free Bangladesh which was the dream Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and mission of the current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina along with the ideology of our great liberation war. Let we take forward the ongoing trial of the 1971 killers and war criminals. Let us uproot all the conspiracy against our motherland, independence. Let us accelerate the ongoing development of non-communal Bengali culture, to create a happy, prosperous Bangladesh with the desired economic development by countering and eliminating militancy, terrorism, and religious fundamentalism.

Our heartfelt greetings to all the Bengali people living in New Zealand and abroad and also living in the country on the 47th Victory Day.

Joy Bangla,
Joy Bangabandhu,