Appropriate status in New Zealand 99th birth anniversary of Father of the Nation (National Children’s Day) and the 47th Independence Day celebrated


Bangladesh consulate in Auckland, New Zealand initiative today Thayatha gained the status of peace the evening of March 5 99th birthday of the Father of the Nation (National Children’s Day 2018) and the 47th Independence Day was celebrated jointly. Teachers, scientists, doctors, engineers, agriculturists, architects, planners, businessmen, students and the Bengali community in a number of different professions eligible ullakha expatriate celebrities were also present on the occasion.

Auckland’s Bangladesh Consulate rangane together the voices singing the national anthem in the national flag hoisting ceremony was started. Hafizur Rahman Khan was the chief guest on the occasion engineer hoisted the national flag.

Bangladesh Honorary Consul in Auckland Engineer Shafiqur Rahman Bhuiyan, president of the molecule and a member of the New Zealand Secretary of Bangabandhu Parishad organized the event moderated by engineer Afzalur Rahman Rony The Holy Quran Tilaoyata The young engineer was sunk.

CIT and freedom – homage to the heroes and martyrs of the War of Liberation, and ask forgiveness for the souls of all the martyrs, a special prayer was held to discuss a phase-rays.

9 9 th birthday of the Father of the Nation and the National Children’s Day 2018 And great on the occasion of Independence Day of the President, the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and the Foreign Minister to read the words.

Bangabandhu ceremony biography and documentary shows the great freedom of movement and discussed various aspects of New Zealand acting chief engineer Noor Jahangir Shelly Bangabandhu Parishad, urban planner architect Shahin, the former president, Dr. Javed also spoke banajira.

The birthday of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at the colorful life of the Year Award highlights various aspects of the ideology of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to build a golden Bengali spread from generation to generation – his sacrifice, his ideology, his uncompromising struggle, the defendant and his visit to the mentality of the new generation urged him to reach. National Children’s Day at Bangabandhu’s life philosophy also learn from the future development of children as worthy citizens to pay homage to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the international arena as well as the provision should be spread peace philosophy. The responsibilities of each expatriate Bengalis.

Honorary Consul of the Nuclear Engineer Shafiqur Rahman thanked all of his closing statement, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the independent state of Bangladesh would not have if we had not been born. He has dedicated his life to the country and its people.

To introduce children to the ideals of Bangabandhu requested by the guardians of the Honorary Consul for patriotism. Bangabandhu’s life and work of the new generation of increasingly called upon to uphold. Bangabandhu lifelong poor, the oppressed, the working people lived, worked for them.

Nuclear Engineer Shafiqur Rahman Rahman said that the honorary consul of this year’s 99th birthday of the United Nations or anladesera LDC developing countries to achieve the transition to the declaration and recognition of qualifications – a great achievement and pride for the nation. 37 years after the independence of Bangladesh was recognized. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s visionary and courageous leadership worthy of the developing countries on the way towards Bangladesh future prosperity will be developed more quickly, Inshallah.

He aimed at the Prime Minister’s vision to build a golden Bengali – 2021 implementation of expatriate urged to come forward.

Finally, a special thanks to all those present on the occasion of a meal, invite bbai Honorary Consul Nuclear Shafiqur Rahman Aziz Khan’s wife Mahbuba.