Government fixed wages of garment workers to 8000 taka to improve their standard of living.

garment workers
garment workers

Government has increased the minimum wage 51%, which is 8000 taka. Government studied current market and their living standard. This policy will be activated from this year December. Currently minimum wage is 5 thousand and 300 taka only. RMG workers are very happy with this decision.
State Minister of Ministry of Labor and Employment informed this on a press conference on 13th September. Though, garment workers demanded to make their minimum wages from 12 to 18 thousand taka.

Government formed ‘Wages Board’ on 14th January this year after considering the miserable states of garment workers. This board was formed with 4 permanent members, President of BGMEA and a representative from the Garment Workers Associations. But owner and worker both were unbendable regarding the wages. Finally, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina worked relentlessly to solve this matter.

Before this, gazette of minimum wage of 5,300 was passed on 7th November, 2013. It was activated from December that year. Wage can be reconciled after every 5 years.

Approximately 4 to 4.5 million people work in this sector. Millions of people are dependent on this. Prime Minister settled wage structure in 2010 and 2013 which never happened before. It was done for the garments sectors.
Workers offered to make it 12000. They were not agreeing to less than 12000. When it couldn’t be fixed at that time, Prime Minister herself summoned owners and workers’ representative. She decided after the meeting. After considering all the factors, Prime Minister decided to raise minimum wage from 5,300 to 8,000. That means, if a worker is employed today then his wage will 8,000 taka including all the facilities. Salary will be increased based on the grade. Owners cannot pay below 8 thousand taka. Everyone appreciated this decision because it was a sensible judgment.

Representative of Garment Workers and Female Secretary of Sromik League Shamsunnahar Bhuyian said, “I will not say that the salary is too much or it will improve the living standard in a day. Owners wanted to raise it to 6,300 taka and no more. We offered 12,020 taka. Then Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina convinced BGMEA President to accept it. We also accepted her decision of making minimum wage of 8 thousand taka.”