Steady Progress In Bangladesh: A Country To Pride For

Aziz Pasha Writer, Blogger: Persistent poverty is without a doubt an important issue for Bangladesh, but perhaps less so than for many other developing countries. The government and the people of Bangladesh have their eyes fixed on the horizon- working hard to realize the twin dreams of eradicating extreme poverty and achieving middle-income status by 2021. Despite the odds, how far has Bangladesh advanced? Is ‘Bangladesh’ a country to be followed for the developing countries?

Bangladesh has become a role model in South Asia and in the world in achieving the MDGs, SDGs, women empowerment, low child mortality rate, increased life expectancy, living standard, growth rate, steady economical rise and stable political environment. A country with the history of long bloodshed for independence and freedom- has now become a model for progress and prosperity.

Eminent economist Prof. Wahiduddin Mahmud said, ‘Bangladesh had been doing well in human development but the recognition sometimes came quite late’. Bangladesh has developed through hardship, perseverance and dignity with very less recognitions.

Alongside the progress in education, health and gender equity, Bangladesh is also in the midst of a growth take-off that has reduced poverty and doubled per capita income. Bangladesh has been most successful in translating its’ income into human development compared with India and Pakistan.

An insightful leader, a captain with visionary goal- honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina guided the country to reach the shore. Yet, Bangladesh to go a long distance.