Dr. Kamal will destroy BNP just like Mannan Bhuiyan, Experts expressed their concerns

Political experts said that, Dr. Kamal is going to turn BNP into a dependent party which Mannan Bhuiyan could not do. They added that, Dr. Kamal will destroy BNP by collaborating with them. BNP is so determined to get into power again, that they do not understand what they are doing by shaking their hands with people like Dr. Kamal Hossain.
Data and information from numerous sources showed that, losing eligibility to the foreign countries and for being out of politics for a very long time which made BNP to take irrational decisions. They also tried to follow the ideology of Pakistan by involving themselves with Jamayate Islami. They become desperate to come to the power after they failed to do that. For this reason, reformist like Mannan Bhuyian and others forgot the ideology of BNP during the time of Care Taker Government and manipulated by other people so that they can get a hold of the power. BNP suffered a lot for leaders like Mannan Bhuyian and others. Now in year 2018 BNP is again confused and being manipulated by people who does not want the betterment of BNP. BNP is getting directed by those who were against BNP for a very long time.

Famous political analyst, Dr. tarique Shamsur Rehman said, “BNP always make big mistakes before the national parliamentary elections. They have been sabotaged by their own members. Mannan Bhuyian divided BNP once. Now in 2018 BNP is collaborating with people like Dr. Kamal Hossain. BNP leaders do not understand the fact that, they are being used by different people. Dr. Kamal always stood against BNP in past times. Now he has become the pathfinder for BNP. Dr. Kamal is working as a medium to wipe out BNP from the political field of Bangladesh.”

Dr. Kamal and others are detaching BNP from the people. They are putting BNP into the quicksand. BNP is actually getting extinct by making a friendship with them. BNP might be lost if they continue to walk with people like Dr. Kamal in the political field.