Dr. Kamal is excluding Khaleda and possessing all the power of BNP

Dr. Kamal has created BNP and taking over all the responsibilities of BNP. A senior leader of BNP confirmed this. That leader also confirmed that BNP is thinking that Dr. Kamal is the appropriate person for that role.
After calculating the steps taken by Jatiyo Oikko Front, it is clear that their main intention is to take the power by being united. Though, they are talking a lot about their 7 or 11 demands.

Member of BNP Standing Committee Goyeshwar Chandra Roy said, “BNP will lead Jatiyo Oikko Front to the election. Oikko Front and 20 parties will choose ‘Paddy Husk’ (Dhaner Shish) as their unified symbol.
Meanwhile, Gono Forum President Dr. Kamal Hossain will participate from those seats which used to be allocated for Khaleda Zia. Multiple sources confirmed this information.

Leaders of Oikko Front said, they will participate on the election at any cost. Jatiyo Oikko Front and 20 parties will select a unified symbol. They have all agreed to make ‘Paddy Husk’ (Dhaner Shish) as their symbol.

Jatiyo Oikko Front is considering the fact that BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia and Acting Chairperson of BNP Tarique Rahman will not be able to participate in the election. Hence, they have made Dr. Kamal Hossain as their ‘Caller’. The party decided that Dr. Kamal will compete from those seats which were previously occupied by Khaleda Zia.
Goyeshwar Chandra Roy also added, “Khaleda Zia used to participate from Bogura and Feni seats. In total she competed from 5 seats. As the risks are low that is why Dr. Kamal Hossain will compete on seats in Feni and Bogura.”

Also BNP is thinking about putting few other leaders on the remaining 3 seats of Khaleda Zia. Apparently these leaders have minimum chance of winning the election.