Tarique Rahman is playing with everyone by putting up ‘Brihottoro Jatiyo Oikko’

Acting Chairperson of BNP Tarique Rahman is toying with everyone from London that he is putting up ‘Brihottoro Jatiyo Oikko’ together. So called ‘Brihottoro Jatiyo Oikko’ finalized 7 demands and 11 goals to implement his plan. It has been informed that, Tarique Rahman is trying to put the brotherhood among the political parties into jeopardy. Already senior politicians like Dr. Kamal are trapped in his plan.
A secret source informed that, Tarique Rahman is the brain behind the conspiracy of creating this so called alliance. There plan is to put a particular party on the power and they are not considering the progress of the nation. Tarique Rahman commented that, “The main idea of Brihottoro Jatiyo Oikko is to overthrow the government.” He proposed other 6 demands for nothing but confuse general people.

Source informed that, Tarique Rahman wanted ‘Jatiyo Oikko’ to be broken before they announce it. According to his plan he showed dream to all the leaders individually that he would make them Prime Minister or President. Tarique Rahman wanted B. Chowdhury to leave from the political field of Bangladesh. So, B. Chowdhury left it from Dr. Kamal’s ‘Oikko Prokria’ as a part of Tarique Rahman’s plan.

A reliable source informed that, Tarique Rahman deeply believes that B. Chowdhury killed his father. And for this, Tarique Rahman wanted to make B. Chowdhury to leave ‘Oikko Prokria’ and thus he will use Shibir terrorists to assassinate him. They are still thinking about doing it. At the same time B. Chowdhury is his keeping his distance from Jamayat for the same reason.

London source informed that, Tarique Rahman gave the idea to gather scattered politicians and put them under one umbrella named ‘Oikko Prokria’. Their sole purpose of this alliance was to bring down the government. But ultimately since its BNP in disguise of another name so whoever raised their voice against BNP or Tarique he got sacked from the party. He also showed dream to Dr. Kamal to make him the prime minister so that Dr. Kamal forces other leaders to leave ‘Oikko Prokria’. So, Dr. Kamal who is giving birth to new debates as he is listening to Tarique Rahman more than his own mind.

A source from BNP informed that, Tarique Rahman tactfully kicked out Mahmudur Rahman Manna before kicking out former President Doctor B. Chowdhury from the ‘Oikko Prokria’. Then, Manna send his emissary to Tarique in London, after that he joined in the ‘Oikko Prokria’ again. Tarique is playing with everyone in the name of ‘Oikko Prokria’ by putting Dr. Kamal as his shield.

It can be said that, Tarique is trying to put the government in an uncomfortable situation by putting up ‘Brihottoro Jatiyo Oikko’. He described his stand about ‘Jatiyo Oikko’ at multiple secret meetings in London. He offered that, if BNP gets the power then he will make A S M Abdur Rob (President of National Socialist Party) they President and Dr. Kamal will be the President. Tarique also offered that Mahmudur Rahman Manna will be the Home Minister. These senior leaders are now chasing the greed instead of listening to their own conscience.