BNP’s enemy is BNP itself

Other parties are not trying to do anything against BNP but themselves are trying their best to tear it apart. At past K M Obaidur Rahman, Mannan Bhuiyan and others tried to destroy BNP. Now political analysts are saying that, few leaders of BNP are trying to build BNP from the scratch because of the arbitrariness of Begum Zia and Tarique Rahman.
After analyzing data and information it could be seen that the senior leaders of BNP started fighting among them to be the prime leader after the death of Zia. Senior leaders like B. Chowdhury, Obaidur Rahman, Mannan Bhuiyan and others never accepted Khaleda Zia as their leader from their heart. But to save their chairs they were bound to obey her. Few businessmen and people with Pakistani ideology founded BNP. This has made their members and leaders to utter bad words about the party time to time. BNP’s own leaders humiliated and insulted it.

A source informed that, influential leader of the Standing Committee of BNP M Tarikul Islam once said, “Office assistants and guards run BNP.” Another BNP leader said, “Being a house servant is better than being a member of BNP.” Seyda Papia said, “BNP is full of thieves and deceivers.” Late leader M K Anowar said, “BNP is governed by the queen and the prince.” Professor Dr. Shaheda Obayed once said, “BNP is not a political party, instead it is an association of mother and son.” BNP leader Salauddin Quader Chowdhury who punished to death for being a War Criminal once indicated to Tarique Rahman by saying, “I used to see that the dog moves its tail, but now I see that the tail moves the dog.” Besides, B. Chowdhury, Obaidur Rahman, Mannan Bhuiyan and others tried to break BNP time to time by saying negative comments.

Professor Asif Nazrul of Department of Law of Dhaka University said, “When B. Chowdhury – Mannan left BNP, at that time BNP did not have any collaboration with Jamayat. So it is not true that Jamayat is the reason behind the breaking up of BNP. Multiple senior leaders of BNP tried to break BNP so that Khaleda and Tarique cannot dominate the party. The conspiracy of throwing out Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman has not stopped yet. So it can be said that, BNP’s enemies are its own leaders.”