Ignoring Khaleda, BNP backed lawyers busy in freeing barrister Mainul

BNP Leader Begum Khaleda Zia has been passing days in jail after a special court sentenced her to five years’ imprisonment in `Zia Orphanage Trust’ graft case. Though lawyers of BNP are following ‘going slow’ policy for her, but they are very active to get Jatiyo Oikko Front leader barrister Mainul Hosein out of jail. It is getting very suspicious in the political arena that why BNP supported lawyers would be so desperate to get him out of jail ignoring Begum Khaleda Zia.
It already raised a series of questions. A rumor has been arisen that, who is important to BNP, Khaleda Zia or barrister Mainul? Are they thinking about keeping Khaleda Zia in jail and to participate in next election as Dr. Kamal instructed? Experts opined that, according to current political context, barrister Mainul is more important to Jatiyo Oikko Front than Khaleda Zia. Hence, BNP lawyers are doing their best to get him out of jail. Lawyers are also considering the fact that, Khaleda Zia’s political image would be downstream for now because of the involvement on the corruption case. Experts are also thinking that, this amount of effort by the BNP lawyers is a part of a conspiracy.

Eminent jurist Dr Shahdeen Malik said, “Current political context demands more for barrister Mainul rather than BNP Leader Begum Khaleda Zia. Besides, Khaleda Zia is sentenced for her involvement in corruption case. So it is not easy to get her out of jail and BNP lawyers know about it very well. Then again Khaleda Zia is not an important figure for the Oikko Front. Members and leaders of BNP and Oikko Front considered her absence easily. Besides, Khaleda Zia does not have interaction with the Lawyers Panel. On the other hand, barrister Mainul was there from the very beginning of the foundation of Jatiyo Oikko Front. The ally nations and embassies of Oikko Front are very lenient on barrister Mainul rather than Khaleda Zia. If you take a close look, then you can find out some sort of barter politics in here. Because, a rumor has already been spread that BNP agreed to participate in the election under the Oikko Front. Since Dr. Kamal is the head of the alliance, so it is quite normal that he will nominate possible candidates. For this reason, BNP lawyers are doing their best to free barrister Mainul to please Dr. Kamal. But they forget all those things which BNP did for them; hence they are not concerned about Khaleda Zia’s freedom. They got busy to take advantage from wherever they can. It is great matter of sorrow.”

BNP’s Standing Committee Member Gayeshwar Chandra Roy said, “It is very sad, but it is true. Our lawyers are divided in terms of the cases filed against Khaleda Zia. She is in the jail because of the mistakes of the lawyers. How barrister Mainul is more important than our Madam? Barrister Mainul himself said that, Dr. Kamal is hired to dismantle BNP. I am very surprised to see that, lawyers of BNP are very concerned about barrister Mainul, who is an ‘ambidextrous’. I am quite sure that, they are doing this to get nomination on the election. But they are not thinking about Khaleda Zia for a single second. These lawyers do not have any value without BNP. But, they are putting lots of effort to get barrister Mainul out of jail instead of Khaleda Zia, but she is the prime leader of BNP. It is Dr. Kamal’s plan to put Khaleda Zia in a situation so that she cannot participate in the election. We are very concerned about this.”