Oikko Front is a disguised mission of Dr. Kamal to save BNP, Jamayat is working behind the scene

Dr. Kamal is trying to mount BNP on the power in upcoming national parliamentary election. It has given birth of many controversies in the political arena of Bangladesh. On the other hand Jamayat is on the driver’s seat for the foundation of Brihottoro Jatiyo Oikko Front. Information from different sources informed that, Jamayat is giving financial and diplomatic support to Jatiyo Oikko Front. Jamayat lost their international recognition because of their involvement with terrorism, war crime and militancy. For this reason they are controlling Oikko Front by staying behind BNP. It is said that, Dr. Kamal has gotten assurance from Jamayat which is why he is creating this political alliance to compete with the current government.

According to the source, Jamayate Islami has been rejected both domestically and internationally. Later they faced extinction as a political party. As a result, they started portraying themselves as a part of BNP. For this reason, Dr. Kamal accepted them as a part of BNP and started his movement with a hope that he will get Jamayat’s political support. On the other hand, Jamayat is thinking that only Dr. Kamal can bring back BNP on the parliament. Source also informed that, Jamayat is providing financial and logistics support to Jatiyo Oikko Front. At first, Dr. Kamal was reluctant to accept Jamayat. But later, he met twice with Jamayat leader Barrister Abdur Razzak. In May 2018 he (Dr. Kamal) went to London to have meeting with Barrister Abdur Razzak. After those meetings, he agreed to form a bigger alliance with BNP and Jamayat.

It has been informed that, Barrister Abdur Razzak gave him a proposal of making him the Prime Minister. Barrister Razzak convinced Dr. Kamal to consider BNP as their main party. Barrister Razzak promised him that, if BNP wins then Dr. Kamal will win as well.
Barrister Razzak assured Dr. Kamal on their last meeting in September, that Jamayat will not participate directly on the alliance. But they will do everything to propel their activities. Barrister Razzak also said that, Dr. kamal and BNP will keep continue communicating with their ally nations so that government face international pressure as well. Jamayat will finance everything. They will cheer for Dr. Kamal if he can force government to accept their terms. But if, government does not accept their terms then Jamayat will take action just before the election.

Meanwhile, political analysts are saying that, Dr. Kamal will suffer because he fell for Jamayat’s trap. He is going to repeat the mistakes of Ziaur Rahman by helping Jamayat who were always against the independence of Bangladesh.