Dr. Kamal wants to build a nation without the influence of Khaleda and Tarique

Dr. Kamal again cleared the main purpose of Oikko Front. Recently, he was travelling to Chittagong after finishing the Oikko Front assembly in Shylet. He took break while travelling and then he firmly stated that he wants to save Bangladesh from the corrupt influence of Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman. At that time, he spoke to the journalists about the strategies of Oikko Front towards fulfilling their goals.

Source informed that, Dr. Kamal had a discussion with few journalists in a restaurant named ‘Surma’. He came to that place after landing in Osmani International Airport in Shylet. He went there on 24th October to join the assembly of Jatiyo Oikko Front. He spoke about building a nation without Khaleda-Tarique while discussing with the journalists. Though, he laughed afterwards to cover it up.

Dr. Kamal also discussed with the journalists about the main purpose of Jatiyo Oikko Front. He said that, everyone is well aware that Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman are famous for their corrupt mentality. But since, BNP is a popular political party of the country, for this reason Jatiyo Oikko Front is willing to embrace its members and other leaders. While asked whether he will be the prime minister if Jatiyo Oikko Front wins the election, then he smiled and answered to the question by saying, “We will think about it later”.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kamal did not say anything about Khaleda Zia’s freedom on the assembly held in Chittagong on 27th October. In his speech, he criticized about the government, asked punishment of the government by the law but he did not utter a single word about Khaleda Zia or fugitive Tarique Rahman. Then again, he did not say anything about the freedom of Khaleda Zia on 24th October in Shylet. After the assembly, BNP leaders modestly approached to him and brought up the matter about Khaleda Zia’s freedom. He apologized immediately and said that he forgot to mention that.

Then again, he agreed with the journalists in the discussion session in Surma Restaurant on 24th October about the involvement of Tarique Rahman and Khaleda Zia in the attack on 21st August. He commented that, Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman backed up the attack. Pakistani secret agency ISI was also involved with that. He also commented that, if Khaleda-Tarique comes back in the political arena of Bangladesh then they will start a bloodbath. But, few journalists already knew that he intentionally stopped himself from talking about Khaleda Zia’s freedom on the assembly.