Tarique will not let Dr. Kamal to form a parliament with intellectual people

President Dr. Kamal of Gono Forum wants to see 25 intellectual persons in the parliament. He has aimed to establish a parliament surrounded by educated and good minded people. But, BNP leader Tarique Rahman is not fond of with this idea. In fact, he doesn`t give any importance to this way of thinking. Political Analyst Professor Anwar Hossain is thinking that, Tarique Rahman is focusing more on the muscle based parliament rather than a parliament full of wise and educated people.
A source from Gono Forum informed that, Gono Forum will ask for 50 seats to BNP because they have formed an alliance. Now, Gono Forum wants to nominate 25 specific intellectuals from their party. Name of Lawyer Shahdeen Malik, Dr. Reza Kibria who is the son of former Finance Minister Shah M S Kibria, Barrister Amirul Islam, Raquib Uddin Mahmud are worth mentioning. Dr. Kamal wants them so that, the parliament turns into a constructive place. They sat down number of times to finalize these names. They have decided to submit the finalized copy on BNP head office on 20th November.

Political analyst Dr. Anwar Hossain commented, “Dr. Kamal’s way of thinking is different. His surrounding people will not cooperate with that. A criminal like Tarique Rahman will never understand the gravity of his idea. Tarique Rahman himself is not highly educated. Light of education did not reach to his heart. It is quite normal that, he will focus more on the muscle power rather than intellect. I can guarantee that, Tarique Rahman will not valuate Dr. Kamal’s words. Dr. Kamal should stop himself from advising him. Knowledge and corruption cannot walk side by side. People who are hungry for greed, they will give minimum value to the power of knowledge.